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You need to know the truth. You need to find out all the facts in order to make an informed decision. You need a professional private detective agency that understands your situation, someone who is committed to obtaining the answers you seek. You need investigators who are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

We are a boutique private detective agency based in Connecticut but with worldwide reach. Our small group of investigators utilize a local and global network of contacts and we travel to wherever our investigations lead. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

"We shall either find a way or make one."



We specialize in obtaining the evidence you seek through surveillance. While surveillance is one of our specialties, we are also highly skilled and experienced in performing all forms of investigative techniques and tasks. Whether you need to find something, someone, or something out, we are the investigators for you or your firm.

The technological revolution we are currently undergoing has redefined the art of surveillance. As more and more court battles are won based on good surveillance techniques, properly written reports and excellent video documentation, the need for quality surveillance has increased.



We strive to do whatever it takes for our clients.
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Evidence is crucial to your case, and can change the outcome entirely. We will find and present the evidence you need for your case.


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